Netizens Defend A Fifth-Generation Idol After He’s Scolded By Fans During A Live Broadcast

A fellow member even had to ask fans to stop.

Weverse Live has become the perfect way to communicate with idols in real time. Idols will go live and chat with fans in a more informal way, and comments allow fans to interact with them at the same time.

BTS’s RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook | BTS/Weverse
SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and Seungkwan | SEVENTEEN/Weverse
The members of NewJeans | NewJeans/Weverse 

Yet, one idol has gained attention after netizens defended him from “Mean” comments during a live broadcast. Since debuting, BOYNEXTDOOR‘s Jaehyun has gained attention for his unreal charisma and talent.


For many, he is a ray of sunshine and always exudes energy.

On January 14, Jaehyun did a Weverse live broadcast with fellow members Riwoo and Sungho. As expected, the members had a lot of fun chatting with fans and interacting with each other.


Yet, a video has gained attention showcasing the dark sides to live broadcasts. During the broadcast, Jaehyun read a comment where someone told him he was too loud, and straight away, the young idol apologized.

He then explained that he was getting scolded a lot in the comments.

Sungho stood up for his member, asking netizens not to “scold” the idol.

When the videos were shared online, netizens reacted angrily. On TikTok…


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♬ suara asli – 헐 잘생겼다 Ryujin – Galuh

Netizens couldn’t understand why netizens were saying such rude thing to Jaehyun, with many hoping that his smile doesnt fade or he thinks to change how he acts because of the comments.

On X, the discourse was similar with netizens hitting back at the awful comments, reminding everyone that fans should have boundaries when chatting with idols.

Many netizens think that fans are overstepping their boundaries with these kind of comments while forgetting that idols are humans and have feelings.

Source: BOYNEXTDOOR/Weverse