The “Boys Planet” Contestant That Is Getting A Sudden Rush Of Attention For His Visuals

Opinions on his skills, however, are mixed.

At this point, avid watchers of the survival show Boys Planet likely have their favorite contestant or contestants that they hope to see reach the final top nine. Trainees like Sung Hanbin and Seok Matthew are doing particularly well on the show, giving them a lot of screentime and, in turn, many fans.

There are some contestants, however, that aren’t ranking as high, yet are still managing to build a fandom based on other factors even if they’re not getting a lot of screentime.

One such trainee that has been suddenly gaining attention on Korean forums is Chinese contestant Cai Jin Xin.

Cai Jin Xin

As of the third episode of Boys Planet, he’s currently ranked at #50 out of the 93 contestants, which is definitely not the ideal position to be in.

Despite this and his low screentime, however, Cai Jin Xin has captured the hearts of many with his handsome visuals, and we can see why!

Born in 2003, the Chinese trainee is 188cm (6’2″), an appealing height to many that has him towering over much of his competition in a physical sense.

He’s representing his label Top Class Entertainment on Boys Planet, which is also home to Kep1er‘s Xiaoting. And even with his flower boy-like visuals and handsome charms, fans are worried that he’s at risk for elimination with his current position on the show.

A post was made on an online Korean forum discussing Cai Jin Xin, with some commenters previously unaware of him due to his low screentime suddenly becoming interested because of his good looks (though some aren’t a fan of how he’s been styled).

| Instiz
  • I don’t love the ‘Boys Planet’ looks. Couldn’t the [styling team] have done better?
  • Wow, he’s f*cking handsome TBH… How come I didn’t notice him before?
  • Yesterday, I ended up voting for him after seeing him
  • I noticed him for the first time during last night’s episode. He looks great, he has my vote
  • Have you all seen this video? He speaks decent Korean, too
  • I’ve been looking for the original version of the first picture. Thanks for posting!
  • HAHAHA! This is funny
| Boys Planet

However, others have some mixed opinions on him, agreeing that he does have good visuals but that he could use more training before becoming a K-Pop idol.

Who are you rooting for the most on Boys Planet?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

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