“Boys Planet” Contestant Na Kamden Finally Introduces The World To His Twin Brother — And He’s Just As Handsome

Netizens were shocked to finally meet the mysterious twin!

Mnet is in the midst of the latest reality show Boys Planet, where trainees from around the world compete for a chance to debut in a new group. One of the trainees that recently gained attention is FNC Entertainment trainee Na Kamden.

FNC Entertainment trainee Na Kamden | Mnet

Unsurprisingly, like all those signed to FNC Entertainment, Na Kamden gained attention for his unreal visuals and proportions that aren’t out of place with other male idols in the company, including those from SF9, P1Harmony, and many more.

Na Kamden shocked fans when his ranking skyrocketed and it took people by surprise. Despite not having as much screen time, the FNC trainee went from being ranked at 82 to making it into the top 20.

Kamden’s initial ranking | theqoo
Na Kamden’s ranking rose massively during the recent round | theqoo

Another reason Kamden has been gaining attention was after it was revealed the idol had a twin brother called Kade. On social media, netizens shared pictures of the twin brothers, and they seemed identical.

Na Kamden and his twin | @violetclaw/TikTok
| @violetclaw/TikTok
| @violetclaw/TikTok

Yet, while many videos were made about Kamden’s twin, others jokingly said they didn’t believe them as the photos were from a very long time ago… until now.

On the recent episode of Boys Planet, the contestants were shocked when they came face to face with their families during the interim evaluation. Fans were already excited at the idea of finally seeing Kamden’s brother…

They were treated to the funniest interactions. After the camera panned to Kade, netizens couldn’t believe just how handsome he was… and how they literally looked like identical twins.

They managed to both make people laugh when Kamden said, “It’s been a while…” and after, Kade didn’t reply with anything but nodding…

Kamden kept saying it until he finally got a response from his brother.

After the video was released, fans were unsurprisingly shocked. While many pointed out how handsome he was, others joked that although they are twins, they didn’t expect the two to look that similar and also have the same vibes.

While identical twins are common, it must be good luck that blessed both twin brothers with the same visuals. Although Kamden chose to become a trainee and join the competition, Kade would undoubtedly have checked every box an idol needs in terms of visuals.

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