Netizens Debate Whether “Boys Planet” Contestant Zhang Hao Is Pretty Or Handsome

There’s one thing everyone can agree on: He’s gorgeous!

As of the sixth and most recent episode of Boys Planet, eliminations have started for some of the contestants and the top nine competitors have been announced for the fourth time. There’s still plenty of time for the top nine to change for the final line-up at the end of the show, but there are some contestants who have ranked consistently high that have a good chance of remaining there.

Sung Hanbin, who has consistently ranked first

One of those contestants is global group’s Zhang Hao. While he ended up in seventh place for the first two episodes of Boys Planet, he has since rose in the ranks to most recently place in fourth.

Zhang Hao | Boys Planet

And not only are his talents being praised by viewers, but his visuals have caught the attention of many as well!

And recently, it’s his visuals that became the subject of a post on an online forum where netizens are debating whether he’s more on the “handsome” spectrum or the “pretty” spectrum.

There’s no denying that Zhang Hao is gorgeous regardless of if you find his features more masculine or feminine. He has some more delicate parts of his face such as his beautiful face shape, but netizens think that his thick brows make him lean more towards the handsome side.

It’s really a silly debate to begin with, though opinions are split between some Korean netizens! Others think that he has traits that fit both the pretty and handsome definitions.

| Instiz
  • “He’s pretty”
  • “He’s handsome, but there’s something so clean and pure about him that makes him pretty, too”
  • “I think he’s closer to being handsome because he has thick eyebrows. His jawline is pretty, though”
  • “Handsome”
  • “He’s super pretty, but his eyebrows add a touch of handsomeness”
  • “He’s handsome”
  • “Overall, he’s pretty. But his brows make him look handsome”
  • “Pretty”
  • “Handsome”

International viewers seem to be more unanimous in their opinion that he’s a pretty even blend of both pretty and handsome, and also think that his talents, personality, and mindset make him that much more attractive.

Are you hoping for Zhang Hao to end up as a finalist on Boys Planet?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

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