“Boys Planet” Lee Seunghwan’s Interaction With LGBT Fan Goes Viral

Fans were amused by Seunghwan’s reaction.

When we talk about the K-Pop universe, it’s not just about the catchy music, stunning visuals, and remarkable performances. It’s also about the heartwarming interactions between the idols and their fans that transcend boundaries and create an inclusive community. Recently, an interaction between Boys Planet contestant Lee Seunghwan and an LGBT fan has gone viral, underlining the power of such meaningful connections.

Lee Seunghwan | @LSH_INTL/Twitter

The charming episode began when the fan, in the midst of a video call, sought advice from Seunghwan on what to wear for an upcoming date. She revealed her plans to confess her feelings to the girl she likes, showing two outfit options and asking Seunghwan’s opinion on which would make the best impression.

I have a date with a girl I like and I want to confess. Should I wear this or this?

— Fan

| @LSH_INTL/Twitter

Showing no sign of hesitation, Seunghwan listened attentively to the fan’s request. He carefully scrutinized both options, pondering over which top would make the most impactful statement for her crucial date. Fans watching this exchange couldn’t help but gush over Seunghwan’s genuine involvement in the fan’s dilemma, rendering the moment all the more endearing.

Seunghwan contemplating the tops. | @130runa/Instagram

The fan then took to Instagram to share this memorable interaction, captioning it, “wish me luck.” The post was an instant hit, amassing over 515,000 views and 79,000 likes, sparking a flurry of supportive comments from the online community.

One fan wrote, “He was so invested hahahah good luck,” while another added, “Call him back he clearly wants the tea.” One comment that stood out was, “he was so invested he deserves to know if she liked it [the outfit] or not,” suggesting the collective curiosity of the fandom to know how the date turned out.

This exchange, though seemingly simple, illustrates the power of empathy and understanding that K-Pop idols like Seunghwan exhibit, transcending any social, cultural, or personal differences. Seunghwan’s considerate and engaging response to his fan not only made her day but also amplified the support for the LGBT community, reflecting the progressive and inclusive values that K-Pop embodies.

The Internet’s heart has melted at Seunghwan’s adorable interaction with his fan, turning a simple video call into a viral moment. Looking forward, we can only hope to see more instances of inclusivity and love in the K-Pop scene, continuing to shatter stereotypes and foster a community of acceptance and understanding.


Following the flow of positive vibes, we’ve learned that the fan’s date went great through an update on the Instagram post — so congrats to her! It’s joyful experiences like these that showcase the real impact of such genuine interactions between K-Pop idols and their fans.

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