“Boys Planet” Project Group EVNNE Announces Official Debut Date

Are you excited for their debut?

On August 1, it was announced that seven of the follow-up contestants from survival show Boys Planet — those who didn’t rank high enough to debut in ZEROBASEONE — would be forming a project group under Jellyfish Entertainment.

Originally named BLIT, their name was quickly changed to EVNNE after an unintentional NSFW meaning of their original one was discovered.

EVNNE, which is short for “EVENing’s Newest Etoiles” (“etoiles” being “stars” in French), consists of members Mun JunghyunPark Jihoo, Park HanbinYoo SeungeonLee JeonghyeonJi Yunseo, and Ciipher‘s Keita.

On August 16 KST, Jellyfish Entertainment revealed the group’s official logo, as well as what appears to be their upcoming debut date, which is only a month away! It’s set for September 18, exciting many fans of the former Boys Planet contestants.

It’s possible that they have something else planned for this date, but most seem to be convinced that this is indeed the day that EVNNE will make their official debut. Stay tuned for more news about this promising lineup!

Boys Planet

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