This BOYS24 Member Used To Be a Backup Dancer for BTS

BOYS24‘s Yonghyun revealed on Wiki BOYS24 that he was once a back-up dancer for BTS.

On February 24, Wiki BOYS24 aired its 9th episode of the series, and there, Yonghyun revealed that he used to be a back-up dancer for BTS.

When the members were asked which other idols they were close to, Yonghyun revealed that he was particularly close to BTS’s Jungkook and that he got to know him while he was their back-up dancer.

Yonghyun bashfully begged the staff not to find any old videos of him in their music videos as a back-up dancer, but their curiosity got the best of them and they found one immediately in their 2015 Gayo Daejejeon intro performance trailer.

When Yonghyun was asked how long it had been since he met BTS after debuting, he revealed it had been a year, and that Jungkook had greeted him in a way only a close friend could have greeted him.

“I met them [BTS] when we were at M! Countdown. I think it had been a year since I last saw them. The other BTS members all greeted me with, ‘Wow, it’s been a long time!’ but Jungkook said, ‘Wow, you actually look like a celebrity now that you have make-up on!’

It was really different meeting him as a celebrity after knowing him as a back-up dancer first. I hope we can meet again on the stage in the future, so we’ll be trying our best.”

Yonghyun of BOYS24


Watch the segment below!