THE BOYZ’s “Dating” Reveal Is Going Viral On Social Media — Giving Dispatch A Run For Their Money

It seems non-fans are angry but fans are obsessed.

When it comes to dating in the Korean entertainment industry, Dispatch is known for its bold reveals through photos of the hottest stars connecting them together.

Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon dating photos
Lee Jong Suk and IU “couple items” for the reveal
Ahn Bo Hyun and BLACKPINK Jisoo pictures for dating reveal

It seems like one group that’s used the idea of “Dispatch reveals” for their own advantage is THE BOYZ.

The members of THE BOYZ | @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter

On April 22, THE BOYZ social media account shared some photos of what looked like an article with the title, “[Exclusive] THE BOYZ’s current date at Hangang Park… Who’s the companion? (Summary).”

In the photos, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that it was a “Dispatch” style article that showed dating rumors, but the plot twist was that it was all about members Hyunjae and Yonghoon. It showed photos of Hyunjae in an outfit, then the same outfit in a photo of Yonghoon, and then a photo of both of them in the same looks at a store and going for food.



When the tweet was shared by THE BOYZ X account…

International netizens couldn’t get over the promotions IST was using ahead of THE BOYZ’ comeback with Phantasy Part 3. Love Letter. They loved how far the group and company were going with the concept and how it made a change from the other drama in K-Pop.

Yet, while many fans found it hilarious, Korean netizens were more split with their views on the way THE BOYZ were promoting their upcoming release. Some understood that it was just a concept, but others were critical of the company’s methods and believed that it was fine for fans but would receive a lot of criticism from netizens in general.




| theqoo
  • “I feel bad for their fans. Just the fact that their names are being used like that… C’mon, it’s probably not liked. Is the agency seriously posting this thinking it’s funny? Crossing the line for sure.”
  • “Fans all like it. It’s the non-fans are criticizing.”
  • “It’s not even a real dating rumor, so what’s the problem?”
  • “It’s funny, but since it came at a time when the group’s reputation is declining… It makes sense why the remaining loyal fans are not happy about it.”
  • “It’s funny, but the reactions are harsh.”
  • “It was done in the style of a variety show content, so what’s the problem? Haha. There are so many parodies like this, lol. It’s funny, too.”
  • “What kind of idol agency finds it good to provoke controversy by parodying the content from a media outlet that specializes in harassing other idol groups? It’s so dumb that seeing makes me feel dumber, too. I get that some of the younger fans on Twitter find this funny, but that’s because they’re young…”

It is definitely a unique concept and will gain attention from both fans and those who might not listen to the group just because of the strong aesthetics resembling dating reveals.

Source: theqoo and IST_THEBOYZ


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