THE BOYZ’s Eric Has To Be Carried Off Stage After Injuring Himself During A Dangerous Stunt

Netizens are criticizing the group’s choreographers.

The fourth generation of K-Pop is arguably the generation that has focused the most on giving intense performances with challenging and hard-hitting choreographies. While this makes for some phenomenal shows, it also puts the members of these groups at higher risk for getting seriously injured.

THE BOYZ is no exception to this trend, and in fact, they’re pretty well-known for adding unique and difficult acrobatic moves to their performances. Unfortunately, it seems like this recently led to one of their members getting injured badly enough to have to be carried off-stage.

Eric (THE BOYZ) | IST Entertainment

In a video taken of the K-Pop group during a rehearsal practice for their performance at the 2023 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, member Eric was seen landing awkwardly after being thrown a considerable distance. Upon standing, it’s clear to see that he’s in pain from the incident.

In another clip, Eric was seen being supported by staff members before getting onto fellow member Hyunjae‘s back to be taken off stage.

Netizens have noted that the members’ thick winter clothing, paired with the cold weather and possibly slippery stage, could have all contributed to Eric’s execution of the dangerous stunt.

Others have been criticizing THE BOYZ’s choreographers, most notably Mihawk, for giving the members such difficult and potentially damaging dances to perform in the first place.

The incident became a topic of conversation on an online forum post, where netizens shared their thoughts on the dangerous stunts that idols have practically become expected to perform in such an increasingly-competitive field like K-Pop.

We sincerely hope that Eric wasn’t too badly injured during this incident, and that measures are taken in the future to prevent such occurrences from happening again.

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa