Here’s THE BOYZ Juyeon’s Heartbreaking Reason For Choosing To Cover A Billie Eilish Song As “Artist Of The Month”

This makes his performance even more meaningful!

THE BOYZ has had an excellent year so far, having shown their talents well on Kingdom: Legendary War and recently made a comeback with their summer hit, “Thrill Ride.” Now member Juyeon is adding to that success by joining the elite group of dancers selected by Studio Choom as Artist of the Month.

Juyeon during “Thrill Ride” promotions with THE BOYZ. |

During his promotional interview for the performance, Juyeon shared that he would be performing to Billie Eilish‘s powerful song, “You Should See Me In A Crown.”

Part of his reason for picking the song was practical, sharing that he chose the song because “I wanted some sort of reverberation or movement.”

Not only is Eilish is known for her powerful rhythms, but she’s also known for her emotional lyricism. When Juyeon next shared that “If the message could become my story, I could give off a large energy,” it was clear there was something deeper behind this decision.

Heartbreakingly, he then added this.

I went through a slump, and had a hard time then ‘Juyeon you can do it.’ I tried to capture myself controlling my mind and going over it in my head to overcome it through this performance.


While Juyeon may struggle, it’s clear that he has learned how to channel those struggles through dance healthily. When asked later about what dance means to him, he had this to say.

I think it’s liberation. Freeing thoughts in my head through dance is much more powerful and relieves my stress more effectively.


While his reason for picking the song may be a bit heartbreaking, we’re so impressed with his ability to put his emotions into his art. To watch his full performance as Artist of the Month, check out the video below: