THE BOYZ’s Kevin Became Friends With 2 NCT Members Thanks To His New Year’s Resolution

Kevin already knows one of Ten’s habits.

Because there are so many K-Pop groups and not everything is shown to fans, THE BOYZ‘s Kevin surprised them by recently revealing he was friends with two NCT members and how his New Year’s resolution played a part in making it possible.

Kevin | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

Going into the new year, the idol wanted to expand his social circle. Kevin told fans, “My New Year’s resolution is to make new friends.” Pleasing THE B (also called Deobi), it looks like he already got a head start on his goal.

| @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

When chatting with fans, Kevin revealed that an NCT DREAM member suggested a movie for him to watch. He said, “‘Green Book’ was actually a recommendation from Renjun.

Renjun | Weibo

The next member was part of WayV. Kevin mentioned Ten and the idol’s tendency to subconsciously use formal speech whenever they’re not speaking English.

Been speaking lots of English with Ten. When he speaks in Korean, he goes into honorifics.

— Kevin


Since some fans were surprised Kevin didn’t connect with fellow Canadian member Mark, Kevin revealed how he became friends with Renjun and Ten. They grew close during the many year-end festivals all their groups attended.

This is what happens when you put a bunch of idols on standby for hours on end for year-end festivals.

— Kevin

Though the year has just begun, Kevin is already making fantastic progress on his resolution and has new friendships with Ten and Renjun to show for it.

| @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter
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