THE BOYZ Managers’ Actions Against Sasaeng Fans At Airports Have Netizens Split In Opinions

Sasaeng fans raided the airport, so the managers did this…

THE BOYZ was recently at the airport to fly out to a private schedule. However, sasaeng fans were able to find out about the unannounced schedules and tried to catch the members at the airport.

This photo was not taken on the day of the incident.


However, the two managers created a human blockade when they saw the sasaeng fans approaching. A fan who was at the scene took a video and criticized the managers for their actions.


In the video, a fan tries to pry off the manager’s grip from the doorway. When he briefly lets go, she stumbles and falls backward.


She soon gets back up to try to force her way past the managers, while the managers stand firm and prevent anyone from entering.


A group of netizens agreed with the OP and criticized the managers for disrupting not only the fans but the other passengers. They also claimed it was wrong to “assault” sasaeng fans.


On the other hand, another group of people is praising the managers and claiming it was the sasaeng fans’ fault in the first place for violating THE BOYZ’s privacy.


THE BOYZ have recently been facing multiple airport issues due to massive amounts of fans crowding around them without any sense of privacy or respect.


Cre.ker Entertainment has yet to make an announcement about the recent incident at the airport.

Source: The Qoo