THE BOYZ’s New Shows How Far He’s Come With How Much He Earns As A K-Pop Idol Compared To When He Was A Part-Timer

The difference in his salary shows how hard he works!

Mnet‘s TMI NEWS SHOW recently featured THE BOYZ‘s main vocalist, New, showing just how far he’s come since he made his debut.

THE BOYZ’s New | @official_theboyz/Instagram

The show made a ranking of celebrities who used to work as part-timers. And considering how many part-time jobs New held before making his debut with THE BOYZ, it was only right that he be named one of the ‘part-timer kings.’

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New worked many jobs in the catering industry. After having worked in steak, sushi, chicken, and noodle restaurants, New is an expert at serving all of them. In fact, LOONA, who were guests on the show, couldn’t help being impressed with his skills!

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TMI NEWS SHOW went on to show how New’s skills came in handy while filming variety content with THE BOYZ…

…especially when they filmed Flower Snack and Idol Cafe, in which the members all worked as ‘part-time servers.’ Not only did he have impressive skills as a barista, but he also proved he is a respectable cook!

The show then calculated what the difference is between what New made then and what he makes now as a member of THE BOYZ. They first added up his average earnings as a part-time worker in the catering industry and then estimated what he must earn from THE BOYZ’s concert profits, which the show estimated to be around ₩129 million KRW.

While these are very rough calculations, TMI NEWS SHOW determined that New’s salary in THE BOYZ increased approximately 2,010 times over from what he made as a part-timer!

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New has certainly come a long way, and fans are extremely proud of him for always working hard and giving his best in every situation. His considerable skills as both a part-time server and as a vocalist and dancer are proof that New is one of the most hard-working people in K-Pop!

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If you’d like to watch the full clip you can do so on the link below.

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