THE BOYZ Q’s Reaction To A Potentially Racist Comment Goes Viral

Fans are not sure why they would say this to the idol.

THE BOYZ‘s Q recently had a conversation with a fan whose statements didn’t sit right with other THEBs.

THE BOYZ’ Q | GQ Korea

In early June, THE BOYZ released their second Japanese full album, Delicious, perfectly timed for the Japan dates of their ZENERATION world tour.

| IST Entertainment

As part of those promotions, lucky fans could chat with the group on video calls. However, one interaction between a fan and one of the members has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

A fan chatting with Q shared that she was going to Manila soon and expressed fears of being kidnapped to the idol.

Fan: ((Tells him I’m going to Manila)
Q: Manila? Have a safe trip? 
Fan: But what if I get kidnapped or something 
Q: Please don’t say that.
Fan: Oops, I’m sorry

For many viewing the tweet, it seemed the fan was implying something would happen to them in the Philippines, as though the country is dangerous. The OP (original poster) followed up with another tweet, explaining that they didn’t mean racist or hateful.

It wasn’t meant to be hateful*… I ALWAYS worry about getting kidnapped wherever I go… Like, “What should I do if I get snatched away?” So…

— OP

While the OP did seem to clarify, many still felt that bringing their fears up to Q was unnecessary, especially since the group will perform there on July 15. Others still feel the OP’s statement was offensive, even with their explanation.