THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo And ONEWE’s CyA Once Again Prove They’re Besties In A Surprise Tweet

The best possible surprise!

In a recent tweet he shared to THE BOYZ‘s Twitter account, member Sunwoo shared a short excerpt of a song with fans.

It wasn’t difficult for fans to recognize the short excerpt. They quickly realized that it was a new version of ONEWE CyA‘s song “사람 하나.”

The song was part of CyA’s album, Unarmed4, uploaded to SoundCloud in October 2021.

Unarmed4 cover art | SoundCloud

CyA and Sunwoo have been friends since Sunwoo transferred to Hanlim Multi Art School and CyA greeted him warmly.

Since then, the two have collaborated on music together, leaving their fans in awe of both of their talent.

Although CyA did not release Sunwoo’s version when he shared the album on SoundCloud, fans have been waiting to hear it.

And now, thanks to Sunwoo’s surprise teaser of the song, it is inevitable that the idol will release his version of “사람 하나” soon.

And although fans do not know how long they’ll have to wait until they hear the full version…

… They are ecstatic that Sunwoo seems to be genuine in his promise to use SoundCloud more this year.

Fans will definitely have a lot to look forward to from these two incredibly talented artists.