THE BOYZ’ Sunwoo Releases A Song To Celebrate His Birthday And Fans Are Loving It

The cherries represent THE BOYZ and The B!

For his birthday on April 12, THE BOYZ‘s Sunwoo released a self-written song as a gift to his fans!

| @Creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter

During a live broadcast a little while ago, Sunwoo had teased part of his solo song, “Berry,” fueling fans’ excitement, before releasing it as a gift for them for his own birthday.

The song, which tells the tale of a lovestruck boy whose dreams rival fairytales, was immediately–and obviously–loved by his fans. They found his gesture incredibly touching, feeling his sincerity and the message he was trying to convey through it.

They have compared it to “Photosynthesis,” another self-written song by Sunwoo.

During his birthday live broadcast, he also touched upon parts of the lyrics, unveiling the meaning of the song and why he chose to call it “Berry”! Fans found the use of cherries in the album art adorable for multiple reasons.

They found that the fruit not only matched up with the title, they found that it was similar to the cherries on the cake THE BOYZ had to celebrate their fandom’s, The B (also known as Deobi), 3-year anniversary.

It’s obvious that his fans are incredibly thankful, not only for his gift of “Cherry,” but for him as a person!

You can listen to “Cherry” on THE BOYZ’ official SoundCloud page!

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