THE BOYZ Take On TikTok Challenges–And Absolutely Ace Them

They all did so well!

On an episode of Cosmopolitan‘s “TikTok Challenge Challenge” series THE BOYZ take on viral TikTok dance challenges–and absolutely ace them!

| Cosmopolitan

Eric was the first one to step up to the plate–and he set the bar high for the other members! He crushed the “Can You Tick” challenge and looked adorable doing it!

Juhaknyeon was next, making the funniest faces as the members yelled at him to watch out for his expression.

Although Kevin was was shocked at the challenge presented to him, he managed to do it surprisingly well!

Hyunjae looked adorably shy doing his challenge, but that’s what made it so endearing.

Sunwoo looked effortlessly cool taking on the “Finesse” dance challenge.

Jacob‘s was almost too easy–it was obvious that he knew the dance beforehand! Either way, he blew it out of the water.

With lots of encouragement from his bandmates, smiley Q showed off his main dancer skills with his rendition of the “Domino” challenge.

While Younghoon was a bit confused as to what to do with his arms, he managed to take on his challenge and succeed.

Just like Jacob, Juyeon already knew the dance for his challenge, and easily took it on.

Sangyeon was more focused on the moves than on his facial expressions, but he still looked great while killing it!

New was feeling a bit apprehensive to do his challenge, so Juhaknyeon and Eric jumped in to provide him with moral support! They looked so cool doing the dance as a trio.

At the end, they all did a group TikTok dance, which was the cutest thing ever!

When it came to picking a winner, the answer was almost unanimous: they picked Eric with his “Can You Tick” challenge!

Be sure to watch the video below to see them take on these challenges for yourself!

Source: YouTube