THE BOYZ Showcase Their Strong Bond And Professionalism After Main Dancer Q Suffers Health Complication Onstage

Fans allege he had trouble breathing, which visibly worried his members.

THE BOYZ recently performed in London as part of their world tour, THE B-ZONE, and one moment gained attention from fans when main dancer Q began to feel unwell on stage, leading the members to prove their strong family bond and incredible professionalism.


Earlier this month, the group was forced to postpone part of the tour when some of the members tested positive for COVID-19. A statement released by IST Entertainment revealed that Juyeon, Kevin, and Q had tested positive, along with some of the staff members.

We would like to inform you that a few members of THE BOYZ [Juyeon, Kevin, Q] and some of the touring staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 during THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR: THE B-ZONE IN USA.

— IST Entertainment

THE BOYZ’s Kevin and Juyeon | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

IST Entertainment announced its intention to reschedule concerts on June 8 and 10 in the US so as to give the members and staff time to recuperate. Yet, the group was able to resume the tour in London as scheduled.

| @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter

As expected, THE BOYZ put on a great performance at the OVO Arena, Wembley. There were plenty of moments that had fans laughing…

…and moments that had fans wowed by the members’ incredible teamwork.

Except, not everything seemed to go as planned. Q began to show some worrying signs in the middle of their performance of “Boy,” immediately putting Hyunjae on the alert.

The other members also quickly realized there was something wrong…

Though, being the professionals they are, they still did their best to continue the performance despite being clearly worried. Fan footage captured Q slowing down and moving sluggishly at first, with some fans alleging that he had difficulty breathing as he failed to keep up with his members. He soon felt so unwell that he was forced to leave the stage…

…leaving Sunwoo to take his place at the end of the choreography to “Boy.”

Thankfully, Q was able to return to perform onstage, though he was sadly no longer able to dance.

But his members didn’t forget him. Instead, they surrounded him completely and ended “D.D.D” together with him rather than dancing. And gave him affectionate hugs and kisses, of course.

Q expressed his regret for not being able to perform the way he would have liked in his ending ment…

…though fans were more worried about his health than they were about his performance. He reassured them he is well in a Twitter update after the concert, saying “I’m fine, so don’t worry!”

But naturally, fans are worried. It’s no secret that going on tour can be incredibly demanding, even more so than regular promotions.

And seeing as some of the members, including Q, were diagnosed with COVID-19 only this month, some fans find it unsurprising that they would feel unwell while on tour.

While it is not exactly clear what caused Q to leave the stage, he will hopefully get the rest he needs before continuing with the tour in Rotterdam on June 22. If there’s one thing that fans can rely on, it’s that the members will always look out for each other like family…

…so hopefully, we’ll see Q well taken care of before he performs with all his members again!