Brand Analyst Reveals The Financial Impact Dior Is Experiencing Thanks To BTS’s Jimin

In less than a month as Dior’s global ambassador, Jimin is already proving his incredible impact.

BTS‘s Jimin stole hearts around the world with his Paris Fashion Week debut, making his first public appearance as Dior‘s newest global ambassador.

BTS’s Jimin | @Dior/Twitter

ARMYs highly anticipated Jimin’s appearance at the Dior Fall 2023 Menswear Fashion Show, and he exceeded expectations when he showed up to the event wearing a chic, monochromatic suit with a flattering turtleneck.

As fans processed the visual overload, they were in for another shock as BTS’s J-Hope made a surprise appearance alongside his bestie, sitting front row with Jimin at the show.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and J-Hope (right) at the Dior Fall 2023 Menswear Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week | @MTV/Twitter

Both members quickly became the show’s main event, and even fellow celebrities were starstruck at the incredible media and fan response the BTS members pulled.

Even acclaimed celebrities, such as Game of Thrones and Wednesday star Gwendoline Christie, couldn’t hide their reactions to the star power of BTS’s Jimin.

Gwendoline Christie | @Dior/Twitter

But even the cool [Gwendoline] Christie, star of both Dior show and “Game Of Thrones,” seemed overwhelmed when journalists ditched her in a split second upon the arrival of BTS’s Jimin…

— Washington Post

Though it’s easy to see BTS’s global impact through the incredible crowds of ARMYs that gather to support the group and their numerous brand endorsements, their true financial impact is often implied but not always publicized.

Recently, the influencer marketing platform Lefty broke down just how much of an impact BTS’s Jimin made during Paris Fashion Week.

Lefty named Jimin the top influencer of the prestigious men’s fashion week. From his two Instagram posts for Dior, he was said to create $17 million USD in EMV (earned media value, a metric used to determine the value of a social media post).

According to Lefty’s report, Jimin’s posts accounted for 54% of Dior’s total EMV during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

| @PJM_data/Twitter

Vogue Business released a statement from Hugo Ramos, a brand analyst from Lefty, who further shared that BTS’s group Instagram engagement is almost double the engagement other celebrities receive.

Ramos considers Jimin’s Dior fashion show appearance a “major success,” and the numbers resoundingly agree.

For more on Jimin’s influence in the luxury fashion world, check out the article below!

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Source: The Washington Post and Vogue Business


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