Brand New Music’s CEO Did Something For AB6IX’s Debut That No Other Agency Has Done Before

It just set Brand New Music apart from every other agency.

AB6IX‘s Daehwi appeared on Radio Star with his agency’s CEO, Rhymer of Brand New Music. There, he made a shocking reveal that their CEO decided to settle any debts that the AB6IX members accrued while training to debut!

Usually, entertainment companies don’t give their artists any profit until the debt that they accrued as trainees has been settled with the profits they made after debuting.

If you train for a long time, you can’t help but accumulate debt. But our CEO settled all of AB6IX members’ debt when we debuted.

— Daehwi


Rhymer revealed that watching each of the members train so hard to debut made him want to allow them to debut without the pressure of debt on their shoulders. He thought it was right for the members to receive their share of the profit right from their debut.

The amount of investment that goes into a trainee from the start of their training to their debut is a lot of money.

But each of them worked so hard to debut so I wanted to settle their debts with the company as a way of congratulating their hard work.

— Rhymer


Not only did Rhymer settle their debts, but he also gifted all of the members with matching custom mics!

Custom mics are very popular these days, and he got each of us matching custom mics in red.

— Daehwi


GOT7‘s Jinyoung was also surprised by Rhymer’s generosity as he revealed that his members all have to pay with their own earnings.


Rhymer considered it a generous gesture for his boys as a congratulations on their debut, but Daehwi couldn’t help but mention how Rhymer would text them to show off how much money he spent on them!

Rhymer: It’s my gift for you guys~

Daehwi: Thank you~

Rhymer (1 hour later): They actually cost 1.2 million won haha



Daehwi was overly thankful for all Rhymer has done for them, but he also can’t help but laugh at his cute antics!


Clearly, the bond between the Brand New Music family is unlike any other agency!

Source: Sports Today