Brand New Music Joins Other WANNA ONE Agencies To “Punish” Malicious Commenters

Wannables can finally get some rest knowing that their agencies are keeping them safe!

Idols see their fair share of negative online comments but Wanna One has seen more than a few nasty and downright slanderous comments posted about them.


Since the comments first came to light in 2017, the group’s agency and the individual member’s agencies have decided to crack down hard on these personal attacks, many of which border on sexual harassment.


In fact, legal proceedings for many of the suspects have already begun. In June, MMO Entertainment released a statement saying that Kang Daniel and Yoon Jisung had both filed complaints and promised that they would continue to take legal action against the commenters.

“In 2017, we began to take legal action against hateful and false claims that were made against our artists. We have combined the evidence collected by fans, the prosecution, and our own legal team and have filed a lawsuit against those who spread the comments. Nevertheless, the persistent spread of false information has negatively affected our artists and their fans. We plan to file further lawsuits for the spread of false information, online sexual harassment, and personal attacks. In the future, we will continue to take legal action in the case that false information and malicious posts continue to spread. We will do our best to protect the rights and interests of MMO Entertainment artists.” — MMO Entertainment


Around the same time, Maroo Entertainment released their own news about the online trolls that were harassing Park Jihoon.

“In response to some of the suspects asking to settle, we strongly requested the prosecution to punish severely without leniency. The suspects who have had a complete investigation have been indicted, and many of the indicted defendants have been found guilty by the courts.” — Maroo Entertainment


And following in the footsteps of the good news about Park Jihoon, Brand New Music has just revealed that comments made against Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin have been forwarded to the prosecution and that they are also recommending indictment.

“The suspects have been confirmed and will be receiving appropriate legal punishment for their crimes in accordance with due process. As the agency responsible for our artists, we will respond firmly.” — Brand New Music


The entertainment company has also promised to continue monitoring for any more vicious comments as well as protect their artists.

“We will continue to monitor malicious comments and posts. And we will always do our best to protect our artists.”  — Brand New Music


Wannables can start to breathe a little bit easier knowing that the boys’ agencies are stepping up and protecting them.

Source: Osen and Sports Donga

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