Name Of Upcoming Girl Group Sparks Backlash

Is this really the name?

Netizens criticized the popular producer Brave Brothers after it was reported that he was naming his upcoming girl group Candy Shop.

Brave Brothers | Hankook Kyungjae

On January 12, Xsports News reported that the famed producer, who was arguably the biggest K-Pop producer in the late 2000s and created the group Brave Girls, would be debuting a new four-member group.

Brave Girls | Pinterest

The news outlet would go on to report that Brave Brothers personally chose the name of the group, naming the upcoming idols Candy Shop. According to the report, the name was selected as each member will have their own unique color.

Despite the producer’s best intentions, netizens immediately blasted Brave Brothers for choosing the name. Many lamented that the name was tacky and tasteless.

  • Is this really the name?
  • I really think that he should reconsider….
  • Why is he choosing a name with sexual connotations?
  • He really doesn’t have any taste, LOL.
  • Wow, seriously, what shop?
  • Don’t do it…
  • You should retire because you have no taste… Brave Girls would have blown up if the label did its job. You guys threw away that great opportunity…
  • You have no taste.

What are your thoughts?


Source: theqoo