Brave Girls To Bring Back Iconic Hit “High Heels” In New Video For Elcanto

Who’s ready for a reboot?!

Brave Girls continue to prove themselves after their sleeper hit from 2017, “Rollin’!” They now have been hired to be models and brand ambassadors for various products! From chips to chicken to clothing, Brave Girls are quickly becoming a household name in Korea.

Recently, the shoe brand Elcanto released a teaser clip of Brave Girls’ “High Heels” that will be released on April 29. The song was originally released back in 2016 and has remained an iconic song of the group. Fans can’t wait for a reboot!

| Brave Entertainment/YouTube

The original music video has many different sets, including a pageant, an office, a baseball field, and more. However, the message is the same, confidence. They make the disappointed and “boring” people have fun and dance with them. From the first teaser, it does seem to be a different vibe and will be especially different as the original was made when there were 7 members (although the current members participated in that video as well).

| ELCANTO1957/YouTube

Member Minyoung is the first to appear, so it can be assumed that the other members will have teasers as well! The vibe looks much more mature with columns and floral arrangements.

Perhaps we’re getting a goddess version?