Brave Girls Finally Set To Have A Comeback After A 2-Year Hiatus

It’s about time!

On August 5, Brave Entertainment made an exciting announcement: The girl group Brave Girls will finally be making a comeback!

The comeback isn’t just a single, but a whole album, and the release date is set for August 14. This will make it almost exactly 2 years since their last release, “Rollin'”, which came out in August of 2018.

The group has had many ups and downs and changes in their members, which has been difficult for the group and for fans alike. They originally debuted in 2011 as a five-member group (Eunyoung, Seo-A, Yejin, Yoojin, and Hyeran) with the songs “Do You Know” and “So Sexy”. They were active until early 2014, before then going on a two and a half year hiatus.

After the hiatus, they returned as a seven-member group in 2016. The line-up, however, had replaced 3 of the previous members (Eunyoung, Seo-A, and Yejin) with 5 new ones (Hayun, Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna). The song they released was “Deepened”, which is a gorgeous, highly under-rated song if you haven’t heard it!

They released a couple more songs as a seven-member group until January of 2017, when Yoojin left to focus on her education and Hyeran taking temporary leave for her health, so that only the newest 5 members remained. They were the group that came out with the original Rollin‘ album. The “new version” of “Rollin'” came out the following year with four members, as Hayun also decided to take a break for her health.

So it’s no wonder that fans have long been awaiting this much-anticipated comeback with all five members after the group has gone through so much!