Brave Girls Reveal Their Initial Reaction When They First Heard “Rollin'” 4 Years Ago

“When we first heard the song…”

Brave Girls talked about their wildly successful song “Rollin'”, and shared what they thought about it when they first heard it 4 years ago!

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Brave Girls recently sat down for an interview for volume 93 of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps bi-monthly magazine and shared their thoughts on “Rollin’” and memories of performing at various military bases! In the interview, one of the questions they were asked was,

“Rollin’” is such a good song even when listening to it now. We still wonder why a song like this didn’t gain the spotlight. What did the members think of the song when they first heard it?

Yujeong shared that at first, all the members were excited about promoting with “Rollin'” because they thought it would be a guaranteed hit! While they were sad it didn’t perform as well as they thought it would, they’re still glad for the love it is receiving now!

When we first heard the song, all the members looked at each other and said, “Ok, this is it!” We were pretty bummed that such a good song didn’t bring the best results.

But later we found out that a lot of people thought our song was a hidden bop too! We are thankful that the song received the attention it deserves now.


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Brave Girls was also asked to recommend another “hidden bop” to the Marine corps!

Is there another hidden Brave Girls bop that you would recommend the Marines?

And Minyoung shared why she would recommend their song “Drive”!

It’s not a hidden bop but it’s one that’s making its way back on the charts. I want to recommend “Drive”. This album is special because we worked on it as if it was our last.

And this song is a great one to listen to on a summer night.


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Now that their promotions for “Rollin'” are over, the girl group was asked about their future plans, and Yuna revealed that they were preparing for a summer comeback!

We plan on releasing a new song this summer. Although we haven’t met up with the CEO to listen to the details, I’m sure that it will be an album that took into consideration the opinions of the public.

Please keep a lookout for it!


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With one final sweet message to the Marine Corps, Eunji ended their interview on a warm note!

We hope to meet with the Marine Corps after the COVID-19 situation gets better! Please don’t get hurt and stay healthy! Fighting!


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Brave Girls have been announced to be preparing for a summer comeback in June. Till then, you can jam to “Rollin'”!

Source: Marine Corps 93