Brave Girls’ Minyoung Reveals Why The Group Never Gave Up Despite Their Troubles

They’re “brave girls” indeed!

Brave Girls have been through a lot, and are currently enjoying great success with their song “Rollin'”, 4 years after it was initially released!

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The group sat down for an interview with FANVATAR Entertainment on YouTube, where they were asked questions about themselves and their career!

Brave Girls were soon asked about the long period of time it took for them to rise to fame, and what made them not give up!

How could you stick to it [idol career]? You didn’t just hang in there, did you? What made you persist?


Minyoung answered, and shared that even during their tough times, she always saw hope ahead of them, and expressed pride in her group!

There was hope. Because you’re a singer, I think you should be proud of your singing. But as a girl group, I think our songs were always good. Not just because it’s our song.

Something just wasn’t right. [I believed] We’ll be recognized one day.

— Minyoung

And now, their hard work and patience wore off!

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Brave Girls is slated to make a summer comeback in June. Till then, give “Rollin'” some love!

Source: Youtube