Brave Girls Sets The Record For The Girl Group With The Most Perfect All-Kills

It is another amazing achievement!

Brave Girls‘ has just set a new record for the longest cumulative time a girl group has had a perfect all-kill!

The previous record for this achievement was held by TWICE, who had 197 hours of perfect all-kill. As of March 23 (KST), Brave Girls surpassed that with an ongoing record of 198 hours!

| @BRAVEGIRLS_/Twitter

A perfect all-kill is when a song reaches number 1 on VIBE’s daily chart, the daily and 24Hits charts of MelonFLO’s real-time chart, the daily and real-time charts of Genie and Bugs, and iChart’s real-time and weekly charts.

Brave Girls got their first perfect-all kill on March 12!

On March 20 (KST), their track “Rollin” became the girl group song with the most hours with a perfect all-kill at 131 hours. The song surpassed the previous record held by REFUND SISTERS‘ “Don’t Touch Me” with 130 hours. This number is still increasing as the track is still number one on all eight of the charts!

| @BRAVEGIRLS_/Twitter

It is an unprecedented achievement for the group that debuted back in 2011, and the sudden success came after a YouYube video featuring performances of their song went viral. Their track “Rollin” then soared on South Korean music charts four years after its first release in 2017!

Alongside this, the group picked up their first music show win on the March 14 airing of SBS‘s Inkigayo almost ten years after their debutSince then, they have continued their success and are now on their 6th win!

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