Brave Girls Turns Down CEO Brave Brothers’ Offer To Move To A Bigger House

We love humble queens.

K-Pop girl group Brave Girls recently made an appearance on MBC’s The Manager and revealed their daily life and dorm.


Although they have regained popularity with their song “Rollin’”, they revealed a rather tiny house that seemed a bit small for the four of them.

In the episode, viewers watched as the members were seen using one bathroom together.


Seeing that most of their stuff was still in luggage, their manager revealed that because of their sudden popularity and busy schedule, they did not have enough time to clean up their house.


CEO Brave Brothers wanted them to live in a more spacious apartment, but the members felt bad, saying they didn’t really need a big house, so they chose to live in a smaller house.

— Brave Girls’ manager

Even though it was small for the four of them, no member was seen complaining or having a hard time living in the house, showing just how close the members were.


Our dorms have continuously been downgraded. Our first dorm was in the same apartment complex as our CEO. We were even neighbors. It had good security and it was a great place to live.

— Minyoung and Yoojung

Brave Girls debuted in 2011, with the current group line up debuting in 2016 after the group announced lineup changes.

They spent several years without a hit song until they released “Rollin'” in 2017. They were preparing to disband when their song suddenly shot back up on the charts this past February.

Source: insight