Brave Entertainment Is Facing Widespread Backlash From Fans Of Brave Girls

“They had a rare opportunity, but the label is so incompetent.”

Fans of the idol group Brave Girls are protesting against the group’s label Brave Entertainment.

Brave Girls |

On January 3, posts on several online communities went viral. In the posts, a fan of Brave Girls explained that they were protesting against Brave Entertainment.

Fans are rallying against (Brave Entertainment). The label only sends the group out to events, and there aren’t any updates on the group’s canceled concert.

— Netizen

The netizen then stated how disappointed they were in the agency and that despite this, they didn’t want to give up.

I am so disappointed. It’s so hard to be their fan. Although I don’t see the light at the end, I don’t want to give up.

— Netizen

The netizen also posted a picture of banners placed outside what is presumed to be the label. The banners read, “Brave Entertainment should communicate with fans” and “We condemn Brave Entertainment for deceiving and ignoring fans.”

Banners placed outside Brave Entertainment | Theqoo

Many netizens sympathized with the fans and the group, stating that Brave Entertainment blew a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when the group became an overnight sensation thanks to the group’s song, “Rollin.”

  • “Opportunities like that don’t come easily. It’s a shame that the label couldn’t do more with it. But the members have a lot of fans and popularity, so I hope that things will work out in their favor.”
  • “I hope things work out.”
  • “I’m not sure if there is a less competent label. They should have run with their golden opportunity.”
  • “They had a rare opportunity, but the label is so incompetent. It’s so sad to see the group isn’t even releasing new albums.”
  • “I was shocked to find out they went on an American tour after Queendom, but I guess in the end they didn’t even do a domestic tour.”
  • “Their song ‘Rollin’ was popular enough to be featured on the 9 PM news, but they ruined the opportunity, ㅠㅠ. If they had released good music, they could’ve really become the next SISTAR and have a long career. It’s so disappointing. This is why labels are important.”

Brave Entertainment has not commented on fans’ protests.




Source: theqoo and wikitree