Brazilian ARMYs Are Beyond Hyped For A Rumoured BTS Concert In Brazil

BTS might be returning to South America at long last.

Rumours have started to circulate that BTS may be performing in Brazil. Certain Brazilian news outlets like Omelete and Destak have teased ARMY by saying they need to wait for more info but BTS is likely going to perform in Brazil in the near future.

Some journalists have even set a timeframe, they say that BTS is going to perform in May. Other South American ARMYs are also starting to get excited because they believe that if BTS is going to Brazil then they will likely visit other countries such as Chile.

#BTSInBrazil is now trending at number one worldwide on Twitter as South American ARMYs work themselves into a frenzy.

This isn’t the first time that BTS have gone to South America. During their Wings tour in 2017, the global boy band visited both Brazil and Chile. ARMYs in the area have been waiting for a return ever since. Here is a video from their concert in Santiago, Chile.

ARMYs are beyond hyped as they await official confirmation from Big Hit Entertainment.


Source: Destak and Omelete


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