Netizens Criticize Brazilian K-Pop Fans For Mocking Idols Regarding Brazil’s World Cup Win

“…you don’t have the right to like K-Pop at all.”

South Korea played Brazil during a recent World Cup match on December 6, 2022. The match resulted in South Korea’s loss to the Brazilian team, despite a beautiful play.

Following the loss, Brazilian K-Pop fans have come under criticism for their mockery towards K-Pop idols. Even though the idols have nothing to do with the World Cup match, Brazilian fans are mocking the idols regarding the team’s loss. One Brazilian fan, in particular, gained attention for sending DMs to her bias, BTS‘s J-Hope. They sent a series of “kekeke” laughs and a meme of a Brazilian team player.

The fan was severely ratioed and later privated their account. Even on TREASURE‘s Weverse, Korean fans were upset to find out that Brazilian TeuMes have been doing the same.

Along with memes including the idols and the Brazilian flag, they also have been mocking the idols about crying for the loss. Korean fans can be seen asking the Brazilian fans politely to stop.

Unnies, don’t act up too much.

— Korean fan on Weverse

Twitter went crazy after the incident spread like wildfire. They even referenced the previous Olympics, where Brazilians entered Korean game servers to mock Koreans.

But even during the previous Olympics, it’s especially the Brazilians that suddenly came to Korean servers even when the competition hadn’t started. It was so severe as they barged in uttering nonsense… Really, why are they like that? They were so ridiculous, saying that they’re only going to fight on Korean servers.

— @Grrrn2

Some netizens even were enraged, calling this behavior the precise reason international fans often get called the term “i-Roaches.” “i-Roaches” is a derogatory term for international fans who act displeasingly.

This is why you guys get called i-Roaches.

— @Mist_MilkyWay

Brazilian fans continued to send messages to their favorite groups, referencing the loss.

Korean fans were outraged, claiming that fans should not like K-Pop while discriminating and acting racist toward Koreans.

You guys are such trash for being racist to Korean fans and mocking us while you like K-Pop. I hope you continue living like this. It makes me wonder if all the most racist people are gathered in Brazil because I keep seeing the most mocking tweets from there. I’m so disappointed today, and you don’t have the right to like K-Pop at all, brat.

— @ldh8906

Netizens who saw a community site’s post about the issue immediately criticized and called out the fans.

| Nate Pann
  • “Normally, it’s the winners who are carefree and benevolent, but why do they look so petty and nervous even though they won?”
  • “It’s because they’re uneducated. They’re kids who didn’t get educated properly.”
  • “What’s so funny about the J-Hope one is that the kids all don’t allow DMs to be sent to them but the fact that they still sent it anyway LOL”
  • “They’re on such a low level. They won the match but is it considered sports humor to get comfort from mocking the opposite team’s country? It’s so ridiculous.”
  • “How pitiful. They’re doing that since they don’t have anything to be proud of on the regular.”

On the contrary, some Brazilian fans have claimed that it is their style of humor.

However, it is not respectful to carry the humor on to their idols, who do not understand or see it as a part of the humor.

Source: Nate Pann