Brazilian Model Going Viral in Korea For Her Shocking Voice

A Brazilian model starred on I Can See Your Voice and gave viewers the shock of their lives with her tone-deaf singing.

On March 9, a Brazilian model guest starred on I Can See Your Voice to perform Ariana Grande‘s “Problem” in front of a panel of Korean celebrities.

Mnet‘s I Can See Your Voice is a game show for celebrities to guess whether a candidate is an incredible singer or is actually tone-deaf. They have to make the decision based only on their outward appearance and a few subtle hints.

In this episode, the panel members had to guess whether a girl was actually a very talented singer and model who participated in a Miss Portugal pageant, or whether she was a tone-deaf Brazillian model who starred in one of PSY‘s music videos.

As soon as she began singing the first line of “Problem”, the whole panel couldn’t hide their expressions of shock, not only at her tone-deaf singing but also her complete lack of rhythm.

Check out her hilarious singing below!