RM Explains Why BTS’s Members Choose To Stay Together 

In “Break The Silence”, BTS’s leader opens up about what keeps their group together.

Every single one of BTS‘s members who could succeed as soloists, but for seven years, they have chosen to stay together.

On May 12, BTS released the first two episodes of their new docuseries, Break The Silence. The first episode, entitled “Still Going On Together” looks back on BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF world tour, as well as their struggles in 2018. At the beginning of that year, BTS considered disbanding, but they chose to continue their journey as a group.

In Episode 1, RM describes BTS as seven unique people who have different thoughts and perspectives but also a common goal.

I’ve said this several times, but the seven of us are on a boat, looking in different directions, but going the same way. That’s how I describe BTS. Some might feel sad because I said we’re looking in different directions, but I think that even my parents sometimes look to different places. I think they’d look in different directions at times. It’s kind of like that.

— RM

According to RM, BTS first came together because they all wanted to find out how far their performance skills would take them. He believes that’s why they are still together today.

If you ask why we stay together, we may be good at different things and may want to do different things to make something happen with our singing and dancing. [. . . ] Although we didn’t realize it in the past, we came together under the same goal of seeing how far we could go with our singing and dancing. I think that’s why we’re still together.

— RM

“To be totally honest, we formed a brotherhood when we didn’t know any better,” RM continued. “If any one of us complained, I’d say, ‘too bad, we have to keep going.’ That’s how…I think it’s usually like that.”

“You usually go into things blind,” he said. “For instance, with bungee jumping, if I had known it would be that scary, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Perhaps, if BTS had known all of the surprises and challenges their future held, they wouldn’t have debuted. 2020 is a year of uncertainty for us all, but ARMYs know one thing for sure. Without BTS’s light, these would be much darker times.

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