[★BREAKING] B.A.P’s Himchan rushed to the hospital after having pain in his chest

TS Entertainment released a statement on March 14 in regards to Himchan‘s condition.

B.A.P performed on “The Show” on March 14 and right after their performance, Himchan complained of pain on his chest and was immediately taken to the hospital.

After being seen, the doctors said he had a hairline fracture on his ribs due to excessive weight loss and from practicing a lot for their comeback.

We would like to make an announcement about B.A.P member Himchan’s health.

On the 14th after the live broadcast of MTV “The Show”, Himchan said he felt pain around his chest. After going to the hospital right away, he was diagnosed with a hairline fracture in his ribs.

The doctor’s opinion was that due to his sudden weight loss and extensive practice for the group’s comeback, there was a lot of stress put on his ribs. This was not an injury caused by an external impact.
It is recommended that excessive or unnecessary movements should be avoided for stress fractures to heal, but since B.A.P has made a comeback as a full group for the first time in a while, Himchan had a strong desire to continue promoting with the group.

After discussions, we have decided that Himchan will continue to promote but will not perform any choreography.

TS Entertainment will continue to monitor Himchan’s condition.

We apologize for worrying all of the fans and ask for everyone to continue showing interest for B.A.P’s promotions.
Thank You.

TS Entertainment

B.A.P just recently made a comeback as a full group after a long hiatus, with their album Rose. Himchan will continue to promote with the group, despite the fracture.

Source: TS Entertainment