(★BREAKING) Henry’s Building Catches On Fire, Everyone Evacuated

Henry’s restaurant was evacuated when a fire started in the building.

Henry‘s Chinese restaurant in Seoul, Xiao Zhan, was evacuated and forced to close when a fire erupted in the building.

Thankfully there were no casualties.


Henry posted an Instagram update letting fans know that no one was hurt in the fire, which started in an upstairs store.

“We will be closed as there was a fire in a different unit within the building where Xiao Zhan operates. Luckily nobody was hurt. We’re sorry for the inconvenience – We will keep you updated.” — Henry


Netizens are hoping the restaurant recovers swiftly and are thankful no one was hurt in the blaze.

  • “This is so upsetting! I hope everything will be ok in the future.”
  • “Hope everything will be alright, glad that nobody got hurt.”
  • “Oh.. hope that everything is good with your unit”
  • “I sincerely express my sympathy. I pray for the restaurant to be restored.”
  • “Thank God there were no casualties. See you again when everything is back in good shape.”
Source: OSEN