[★BREAKING] Kim Hyun Joong’s License Suspended For Drunk Driving

Channel A has reported that Kim Hyun Joong had his license suspended by police on March 26 for drunk driving.

The report revealed that, at around 2AM KST, a driver had noticed a stopped vehicle at an intersection and called the police when the vehicle did not move.

When police approached the vehicle, they found Kim Hyun Joong sleeping in the driver’s seat. His blood alcohol level was then tested and came out to be 0.075%.

Korea’s legal limit for blood alcohol is 0.03% and having anything above that leads to automatic license suspension.

Kim Hyun Joong’s company, KeyEast Entertainment issued a statement on March 30, saying that the actor was just moving his car and is reflecting on his actions,

“Early morning on March 26, Kim Hyun Joong was having a drink with his friends near his house when he was asked to move his car by a parking attendant.

Since he was practicing for his concert he had not slept for a few days. He hadn’t even driven for 1km when he was stopped for driving under the influence, got tested and had his license suspended.
Regardless of the reason, Kim Hyun Joong understands that it was wrong to get behind the wheel after drinking and is reflecting on his actions. We will be careful so that this doesn’t happen again.”

— KeyEast Entertainment

Source: OSEN and Channel A