BREAKING: Media now report 14 dead, 11 injured during 4minute performance

UPDATE: Reports are now coming in that 15 are dead, with 10 injured.

Just moments ago, we broke news that during 4minute‘s performance at the The 1st Pangyo Techno Valley Festival, two fans were reported to have died, with ten injured after a fatal accident. Now, media are reporting the actual number to be 14 dead, 11 critically injured. 

During the 1st Pangyo Techno Valley Festival, 4minute, T-araJunggiGo, and Cherry Filter were all scheduled to perform, until a tragic accident.

Reports reveal that around 5pm on October 17th, a ventilation window collapsed leaving over 25 fans to fall more than 3 stories down a vent during a performance by 4minute. Reports from Wikitree reveal that the fall was roughly 10 meters (3+ stories). Initial reports reveal that the ventilation may have collapsed due to weight, as there were a number of fans who climbed on top of the vent and crowded the area in order to get a better view of the performance.

While the story is still developing and it is early to tell, Sports Donga, SBSand WikiTree are now reporting that 14 have died in this tragedy, with 11 more critically injured. Police have yet to release an official statement or number to the media.