[★BREAKING] News report reveals phone call conversation between CJes and first alleged victim

A recent news report on SBS 8 News revealed new insight to the case of JYJ Yoochun’s alleged rape case involving the first women to report the incident

Initial reports on this incident by CJes Entertainment claimed that Lee, the first woman who filed a report against Yoochun claiming that she was raped, requested a settlement fee of 1 billion Won later lowering it to 500 million Won. They claimed that this was the reason that they were going to take legal actions against her despite the fact that now she has withdrawn her legal suit against Park Yoo Chun.

However, SBS News recently reported that Lee’s side provided evidence contradicting this statement in the form of recorded phone conversations. They also claim that they did not receive any money from CJes Entertainment.

The recorded voice provided by Lee’s side says, “We don’t know what we can do to make you feel better, we have thought long and hard.”

“I think if you give us an amount first and we meet your needs that would be the right thing to do”

An acquaintance of Lee also told SBS in an interview, “They kept asking us to wait for a day saying that they wanted to settle and asked us to give them a price”

Lee’s boyfriend stated that they received no such money stating, “If we had settled we would have left paperwork but there is nothing like that”

CJes however only responded saying that they would reveal everything only to the police and not respond individually to reports on the case.

The police have stated that they have finished investigations on Lee’s boyfriend and CJes Entertainment’s CEO and that they will get to the bottom of this settlement fee by looking into their bank accounts and tracking the flow of money.

The voice records and report can be found in the source below.

Source: SBS