(★BREAKING) Suzy And Lee Dong Wook Are Dating

One of Korea’s most popular actors and one of K-Pop’s most beloved idols are in a relationship.

Suzy and Actor Lee Dong Wook are reportedly dating.


News reports say that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are in a relationship. The pair recently became a couple and overcame their 13 year age gap.


TV Report witnessed the couple carefully enjoying a date together in Cheondamdong. Even though they were trying to be conscious of their surroundings, the romance between the two could not be hidden.


Lee Dong Wook reportedly fell for Suzy’s easy-going attitude. Back in 2012, Suzy mentioned on Strong Heart that her ideal type at the time was Lee Dong Wook.


Lee Dong Wook’s agency, King Kong Entertainment confirmed the relationship with a statement.

“Lee Dong Wook and Suzy met each other at a private gathering recently and are getting to know one another with mutual fondness.”

Source: TV Report and Sports Chosun