Brian Joo Begs For Help Dealing With A Psychotic Fan

“I want this person put away PLEASE!!!!”

Fly to the Sky‘s Brian Joo has shared a post asking fans for help in dealing with a person who has been bothering him for a long time.


He indicated in the post that the person has continued to threaten not only him, but even his friends and family as well.

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“Can anyone help with some psycho people, who keep saying I did things to them, when I haven’t even met them in real life? This person has been threatening me, my friends, and my family for years… I want this person put away PLEASE!!!!”


He also shared 4 images that showed the person bombarding his Instagram with negative comments claiming that the star had taken something from them.


Fans have been graciously offering their advice with most suggesting that he block and report the user. Some have even gone out of their way to report the user for him.

  • “Aww report to Instagram and block them.”
  • “You can just block them.”
  • “Is that person crazy? This is infuriating!! Collect evidence and report it!! You must be so upset. I hope you work things out.”
  • “Done reporting it a spam and block the account…Hope Instagram will delete the acc right.”
  • “Sad to know about your ordeal. Don’t be afraid to let the whole world know about this. Ignore and block such accounts in the future.”
  • “Just block him anyway.”
  • “Blocking him, and we will help you for report him too.”
  • “Please block him don’t let him get to you just report him.”


Moreover, netizens encouraged him not to be shaken by the troll and to just ignore the user.

  • “Don’t hold it in. Don’t waste your emotions on the person and just deal with it legally. The person is abnormal. Don’t be upset over a useless person like that.”
  • “Hang in there!!! Lets’ report it!!”
  • “It is a fact that there are many more people who love and support you than those kinds of people who bother you!! Take care!!”
  • “The person is a psycho who just makes a new account if you block them. Don’t be hurt and just continue to report and block the person. Fans too.”
  • “Don’t worry too much and just ignore them…For people like that ignoring is the only solution.”


Brian’s entertainment agency has since released a statement revealing their intentions to take legal action against anyone who attacks the star with malicious intent.

This is Brian’s agency, HiCC Media.
We have been aware of issues relating to personal attack or malicious comments against Brian but have been refraining from taking legal action due to our artist’s understanding and consideration for the netizen.
However, the situation has recently reached a point that can no longer be ignored, with consistent malicious comments being made towards not only the artist, but the artist’s family, acquaintances and relatives. As a result, we intend to take strict measures without any negotiation to ensure that the poster of the malicious comments pay the price for their actions on the basis of the law and that Brian’s basic rights and interests are protected.
In addition, any future acts of defamation of character or damage to our artists will be dealt with through legal procedures without negotiation.”

Source: Sports Kyunghyang