Brian Puspos Reveals He Created New Choreography For BTS’s Jimin

Jimin’s new solo is absolutely stunning.

Jimin has been a long-time fan of American choreographer Brian Puspos, who just revealed he specially choreographed Jimin’s solo “Serendipity”.

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Brian Puspos has worked with artists like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, and Jimin has performed his choreography many times before.


Jimin also performed Brian Puspos’s “Take You Down” choreography with J-Hope and Jungkook before.


The choreographer ended up working with BTS for their “Butterfly” choreography, as well.


This time around, Brian Puspos personally choreographed Jimin’s solo “Serendipity” which was revealed to fans at the Love Yourself tour, which kicked off in Seoul this week.


Check out a portion of the gorgeous choreography here!