British ARMY’s Warn Fellow Fans With This Unique Airport Project For BTS 

Fan behavior is key for every airport appearance!

BTS have not even landed in London yet but fans already set up this unique airport project for them. 


In a bid to avoid mobs of fans causing trouble to the artist or fellow fans at airports, local British fans issued this warning to fellow fans. In a form of a fan project… 

for any UK armys who want to participate in our airport fan project here it is!!edit: not to mention you're not…

Posted by Hayley Cho on Thursday, October 4, 2018


The project aims to remind fans that Big Hit Entertainment previously issued a protocol to avoid bombarding their artists during personal schedules. This has allowed fans to support the members during their public events instead as well. 


The unique project was a hit online with some hoping that fellow fans would catch the message and maintain decorum during BTS’ visit. 


BTS is already catching a lot of headlines with their two-day concert in the city having nabbed a slot at The Graham Norton Show and this mural dedicated for them in one of London’s trendy areas. 

BTS Is Taking Over London, England… And They’re Not Even There Yet


Fingers crossed this fan project works!