British Hip Hop Duo Krept & Konan Reference BTS In New Collaboration With Russ Millions

BTS are now being namedropped by other rappers!

BTS are so popular even fellow music artists are referencing them in their songs!

From left: BTS’s J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, RM, and V.

It’s quite common to shout out or reference celebrities in songs, and you know you’ve made it in big when it happens. BTS has done it on more than one occasion. For example, American R&B singer Usher is mentioned in “Butter,” British musician Elton John is mentioned in “Permission to Dance,” and NBA player LeBron James is mentioned in “Dynamite.”

Now, BTS are being namedropped by others in their songs! British Hip Hop duo Krept & Konan reference BTS in their latest release.

Krept & Konan released their debut in 2015 with The Long Way Home, and their most popular single so far is “Freak of the Week,” featuring Jeremih. They have also acted, starring in British thriller films The Intent (2016) and the prequel The Intent 2: The Come Up (2018).

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The duo just released “Pisces” with fellow British rapper Russ Millions on September 29. In Konan’s solo verse, which concludes the song, Konan mentions K-Pop and BTS.

Is it me or the VVS?
Broke boys give me P-T-S
Opp boys wanna see me stressed
Lil deal on the PDF
Lil’ bro made the K pop, BTS (Glah, boom)
The French ting give me EE texts
Said she wanna come London, EasyJet
But my West ting’s here, can’t see me yet (No, no, no, no)

— Konan in “Pisces”

Listeners were shook when they heard “BTS” during the song.

ARMYs were impressed with the flow of the bar too. K-Pop wasn’t being referenced mockingly, either.

Still, some were confused about all the metaphors in the verse. So, others have broken it down.

Specifically, the bar, including K-Pop and BTS, is actually violent. The “K” is short for AK-47, and Konan makes a shooting gesture during that line to back up this theory.

Still, ARMYs were kind of into it. Considering BTS literally means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts,” it totally feels connected.

ARMYs are also just happy that BTS are now so recognized that rappers casually reference them in their songs. They really made it!

This wouldn’t be the first time BTS has been mentioned in songs, though. Some notable examples include Changmo‘s “Holy God,” New Kids on the Block‘s song “Boys in the Band,” Doechii‘s “Spookie Coochie,” and LIL BOI‘s “On Air,” featuring Jay Park, LOCO, and GRAY.

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