Brown Eyed Girls Confirm Comeback Date And Give More Details On Album

They’re bringing back classic K-Pop!

Brown Eyed Girls have finally revealed details about their comeback!


On their recently opened Instagram page, they uploaded a single image that contained the date for their comeback: 



On a live broadcast held on her Instagram, Gain divulged further details about the album.

The album is to be comprised of 10 songs, with 4 solos from each of the members. She also mentioned that the album will pack a nostalgic touch for old Everlastings, but will still be something new for them to look forward to. 


Maybe something like this?!


Their jacket shoot is scheduled for Saturday, October 12, and Gain confirmed that they will shoot their MV next week. She surmised that it might be a concept girls would be into more, and said that she hopes fans will like it, for they’re investing a lot and working very hard for their upcoming album!


Are you excited for their comeback?