Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA And Cheetah Discuss How They Overcame Depression

“I hope we can develop a culture and society that emphasizes a healthy mentality.”

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA and rapper Cheetah talked about how they overcame depression on a recent episode of SBS Mobidic’s Strong My Way.

Strong My Way is a program led by the two stars who read stories submitted by viewers and give their honest advice.


One of this week’s stories came from a college student who was suffering from depression. The student confessed that she has been feeling a sense of emptiness and has lost all motivation to live diligently, but has reservations about seeking help due to possible complications with employment in the future.


After hearing the unfortunate story of the college student, both Cheetah and JeA empathized with the viewer, expressing that they too have gone through similar experiences.

“This is so similar to what I was going through just 2 weeks ago.”



JeA also shared her experience of suffering depression. She explained that she felt a sudden wave of darkness followed by a lack of motivation and desire to be alone.

“It felt like depression. After being happy as always, I suddenly felt a wave of darkness. I felt frustrated at everything and didn’t want to do anything. Having no motivation was the hardest part for me. But when I go out, I have to pretend to be fine so I eventually stopped meeting people.”

ㅡ JeA


In JeA’s case, she came to the point where she thought it was too serious to neglect so she ended up seeking professional help.

“When I received a call, I would become anxious for no reason. That’s when I realized this was pretty serious so I went [to the hospital]. The score for my test was really low. My mentality was so unstable that the doctor said it could affect my work. They said my memory was decaying, which affects my work.”

ㅡ JeA


She then explained the things she realized from receiving proper treatment and shared how she was able to get back up on her feet.

“[After seeing the test results], I felt so bad for myself. From then on, I reflected upon myself and did everything [the doctor] told me to do. Then I started to clearly see that I was a good person. And I thought to myself, if I had just gone to the hospital earlier, I could’ve overcome this.”

ㅡ JeA


Cheetah also shared that she sought help and is currently taking medication.

“Your heart or mind, it’s hard not to be in pain. So I went to have a consultation and now I’m taking medication.”

ㅡ Cheetah


She explained that receiving treatment doesn’t show a drastic change, but it helped her to achieve a sense of peace.

“It’s not like I’ve become super bright all of a sudden. When I take the medication, I feel comfortable and it makes me wonder why I was rejecting and trying to fight myself like that.”

ㅡ Cheetah


So in the end, both stars actively recommended seeking professional help, even if it was just as a preventative measure.

“I really recommend going to therapy, just like going to the dermatologist’s or dentist’s because the quality of my life has changed ever since going there.”

ㅡ JeA


Moreover, they added that the student’s worries about employment were absolutely unnecessary as it is not only illegal to discriminate applicants based on these records, it was impossible for companies to even gain access to them.

“There is no one who doesn’t have an illness of the heart and mentality. It’s because they’re hiding it that people think it’s strange. And about the employment issue, there is no company like that. First of all, they can’t contact [the hospital] and the act itself is illegal. Anyway, it’s impossible so there’s no need to worry.”

ㅡ Cheetah


The two artists concluded by expressing that they hope the Korean society can become more open to a culture that prioritizes a healthy mentality, just as it prioritizes a healthy body.

“Just like we go in for a check up for our sick bodies, I hope we can develop a culture and society that emphasizes a healthy mentality.”

ㅡ Cheetah



Watch the full clip below:


Source: Naver TV