Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha confirmed to be getting married in October

Narsha of Brow Eyed Girl is set to get married to her boyfriend in October. Not much is known about her boyfriend besides the fact that he is the same age as her and that he is in the fashion business.On the morning of October 29th, Mystic Entertainment officially confirmed the news of Narsha’s imminent marriage.

Below is the full translation of their press release.

“Hello this is Mystic Entertainment. 

This is the official statement regarding news of her marriage. 

Narsha is set to tie the knot with the man she loves in October. The man in question is the fashion businessman who was revealed to the public earlier this year. After maintaining a good relationship they have decided to become a married couple.

Narsha will be heading to Saychelles early October and the two plan to quietly hold a private wedding with just the two of them and return to Korea. 

Please understand that we are not able to release the date of the wedding. Once they are back in Korea they will meet with their relatives and begin their life as a married couple.

Narsha is busy as a fashion designer and brand director of ‘W Urban Peoples”. Even after the wedding she will continue her activities as a singer and pursue challenges in multiple industries.

Thank you to all those who cherish and love Narsha, and we are happy to be able to come to you with such glad tidings. Please bless these two who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together”

Source: Donga