Bruno Mars Likes A Tweet About TWICE’s Next Comeback And Fans Are Wondering Whether He’s Secretly A ONCE

No one can resist TWICE

Bruno Mars has been one of the biggest international stars for years, having been a rolemodel for many K-Pop idols, especially TWICE.

The Nation’s Girl Group has been a huge fan of Bruno Mars, having performed “Uptown Funk” several times, including at KCON LA and during their pre-debut survival competition SIXTEEN.

But it looks like TWICE isn’t the only fan in this pairing.

Recently, a fan on Twitter discussed their anticipation for TWICE’s next comeback. The fan shared a speculation that TWICE would be coming back with a song that had the same vibe as a Drake and Bruno Mars song.

Fans have since found out that Bruno Mars has actually favourited this Tweet, as it appears under his Liked Tweets.

Some fans have been confused by this unexpected interaction, as Bruno Mars hasn’t previously hinted on following TWICE or other K-Pop groups.

As Bruno Mars has previously shown proficiency in Spanish, many believe that he understood that the tweet is about how TWICE’s next comeback would be in the style as Bruno Mars’s songs.

It looks like he was flattered that TWICE was going to take inspiration from his music.

Furthermore, the tweet also expressed hope that the next song would be as great as “Fancy You”, which is already widely regarded as one of the best K-Pop songs of 2019.

With how internationally popular TWICE and Bruno Mars are, many are also hoping for a collaboration, to see how their different styles can mesh perfectly, as TWICE has done with their covers of “Uptown Funk”.

Regardless, many fans are excited for TWICE to make their comeback, and can’t wait to see what kind of concept the song will take this time.

Undoubtedly, this comeback will have TWICE’s signature charm and infectious charisma.

JYP Entertainment has confirmed that TWICE has already filmed their MV for their upcoming comeback on August 9.

It will only be only a matter of time until fans, including Bruno Mars, will be able to enjoy another title track from the Nation’s Girl Group.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from; no one can resist the charms of TWICE.