BT21 Crocs Are Finally Here — Here’s How You Can Get A Pair Of Your Own

The collab you’ve all been waiting for!

BTS and LINE FRIENDS’ BT21 have had a variety of collaborations and other projects over the years that have produced some pretty cute products. BT21 are the animated characters created by BTS as part of a collaboration with the messaging app LINE and LINE FRIENDS.

From the adorable BT21 x Among US merch released in 2020 when the game’s popularity among K-Pop idols was at an all-time high…


…to the gorgeous and vivid make-up ColourPop released as one of it’s many collaboration products…

| @ColourPopCo/Twitter

…and the nostalgia-inducing Tamagachi collection, fans have been spoiled by all of the amazing products.

This newest collaboration, however, might be one of the most anticipated to date!

Crocs Korea updated its social media with a mysterious teaser that gave a hint to a new line of Jibitz (Crocs charms) that had 8 different characters along with several emojis that hinted at what they were!

Fans were not kept in suspense for very long as the Crocs Korea website updated to reveal information about the new collection! So far it seems like the collaboration consists of a pair of classic Crocs that feature the BT21 characters in black and white on top with the bottom of the shoe coming in purple.


The collaboration also features all 8 characters including Van as super cute 3D Jibitz.

According to Crocs Phillippines, the collection will be available on September 20 on certain countries’ specific websites but so far only Korea and the Phillippines have shared about the new footwear. Because of the international popularity of BTS and Crocs, more countries are sure to get the collab soon!