A BT21 Cooky Plushie (BTS Jungkook’s Character) Dropped From A Hong Kong Protester’s Backpack

People’s hearts are broken after seeing the image.

A photographer from Hong Kong posted a photo of a fallen BT21 Cooky plushie onto his Facebook page. With the picture, he added a caption that said,

A pink bunny dropped from the backpack of a female protester (a student) who was arrested).

Hong Kong netizens who saw this photo commented that the rabbit doll is actually from the BT21 collection and is BTS Jungkook‘s character. Many people around the world felt sympathetic towards the arrested student, with people saying that she is not only a protester but an ordinary fangirl and student like most people.

I hope she can go back to being a normal student who fangirls over the singer she likes.

– Korean Netizen

People recall that Jungkook hopes how people who see the plushie can be cheered up.

Many think that it’s sad that now the girl is going to be prisoned for fighting for her country. Some have commented on the doll’s state – all dirty from the rain – is almost symbolic of the state Hong Kong is in now.

Source: Pann