BT21 Is About To Make ARMY Sleepovers 1000x More Fun

Once you see this new merch, you’ll have to have it!

BT21 lovers can look forward to adding a snuggling new merch item to their collection: pajamas!


BT21, BTS‘s LINE FRIENDS series, features 8 adorable characters based on each of the BTS members and ARMY. So far, BT21 has gifted fans with a variety of goodies, including keychain plushies…




…and stationary items.


Brand Huntinnerwear‘s BT21-themed pajamas will be adding two types of pajamas to BT21’s current clothing collecting.


One design will include a striped top and matching bottoms that feature one of the 8 characters’ faces. Sky-blue stripes are for RJ


…bright blue is for Shooky


…and also for Mang.


Pink is for Cooky


…purple is for Koya


…dark blue is for Chimmy


…navy is for Tata


…and gray is for Van.


The second pajama version has tops, but no bottoms. Each one of these button-ups has a BT21 character peeking out of a pocket, so it’s like you’re carrying them with you wherever you go!


The pajamas will match perfectly with BT21’s other bedtime items, like their cuddly pillows…


…eye masks…


…and cute slippers.


They would also make great couple outfit gifts for a significant other…


…or for friends!


Brand Huntinnerwear will be releasing their BT21 pajamas online on July 16, and in physical stores on July 27.


Like previous new BT21 items, the pajamas will likely sell out fast but will be restocked after the initial craze is over.


ARMY, is your wallet ready?